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Our Story

We noticed a gap in the market where people were getting frustrated with endless scrolling on product pages, several postings of the same product by different suppliers, contradictory pricing and ambiguous descriptions with an information overload.

So we decided to get it sorted; provide a fresh, clean, concise website highlighting the main aspects of the product with minimal scrolling, give you the information you need to make a decision for a secure purchase. Hence, at imusthaveone we keep things simple... we even have FREE Delivery!

imusthaveone launched in mid-November 2020, so new to the marketplace and very exciting times ahead.

You'll find quirky quality products that are very hard to find, products that give you that WOW factor, products to get conversations started and products that give you an inner sense of happiness, wellbeing and mindfulness.

who we are

Two lifelong friends, degree educated and experienced in Technology, Computers, Retail, Fraud Prevention, Business Intelligence, eCommerce and Customer/Supplier Engagement. We both wanted to use our knowledge and business acumen to help others, so we decided to jump the fence after we identified the gap in the market and setup imusthaveone.

imusthaveone is not owned by some big corporate organisation or acting as a duplicated subset company to diversify our offering as another brand to confuse our customers. At imusthaveone, it's simple, it's owned by two lifelong friends, that's it.

The Start

The imusthaveone team spent months researching the market, contacting suppliers, a multitude of website layout designs, hours of coding, rewriting product descriptions, creating videos and firming up our simple business model. Obviously, these will improve as imusthaveone evolves.

Our products are sourced by the same suppliers and manufacturers as the other online retailers, however, we negotiate cheaper prices and bring those discounts directly to you.

Clearly, starting a business is a very daunting experience, but we have good intentions, morals and confidence that imusthaveone will succeed and continue to provide a first class service to our valued customers.

Please feel free to send us any feedback, we would be greatly appreciated:


The Problem

As you can appreciate, many websites offer so much, in most cases it actually confuses the customer with so many variations of the same product and essentially misleads them, leaving them frustrated.

At imusthaveone we want to eliminate complexity and give you the products with no ambiguity. We carefully rewrite the descriptions from our suppliers to ensure it reads well and provide only the pertinent pictures/video to help you make your decision.

Our Vision

At imusthaveone it's not about making millions, it's about making enough to sustain growth, give us the options to expand, pass on the benefit to our customers and most importantly to help change lives for the better.

One of our objectives is to help other smaller businesses flourish, recognising their true potential for their entrepreneurial ability, be that selling jars of honey, producing bespoke furniture or even life coaching services, whichever way it is, imusthaveone will help advertise and promote them to give the needed lift they desire.

Another long term strategy is to support various world charities, by sponsoring volunteers to directly help those in need with their given expertise and donate physical equipment such as unwanted tools to tradesmen in third world countries.

Nevertheless, our primary focus in 2021 will be to reduce the delivery times to our customers, this is a huge challenge especially with the big retailers monopolising the market, the global COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit. The aim is to have a 2 to 7 day delivery.


We detest scammers, fraudsters and bogus websites that take your hard earned money. With this in mind, we made a conscious decision to use the world's largest eCommerce Software As A Service (SAAS) called Shopify, it has over 1,000,000 businesses online across 175 countries, its integral with the imusthaveone business model, extremely secure and lighting fast hosting.

Restassured, your personal data is very safe and encrypted.

Small Fish - Big Pond

imusthaveone clearly understands that customer's do shop around at the major well known online stores for their day-to-day items and happily depart with their money.

Spare a thought for the small businesses that truly miss out, they're just trying to make a living too, just like we are.

Together we can help sustain the smaller businesses


Our business ethic on Inclusion and Diversity within our workforce is at the heart of what we do. We take pride in being transparent with our views on how everyone has the ability to achieve at work. We do this by respecting all of the protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010.

So much so, that one of our Directors is very honest and open on how his hearing disability has not negatively impacted on his ambition to achieve in life. In fact, it had the opposite effect. At certain times in his life his disability was perceived negatively when applying for jobs, engaging in conversation and participating in some sporting activities. Therefore, he turned it into something positive and unique about him and this became his driving force and determination to progress and to become a role model to those who could benefit from knowing his story.

We believe everyone can achieve the motivation to succeed.


Many of our customers' feedback has been based on sending delightful products to their fellow colleagues, friends and families during these difficult times. They appreciate the hard work they do within their own given silos at home, so when a product is delivered to them, it's welcomed with a warmth of gratitude and admiration.

Please feel free to send us any feedback, we would be greatly appreciated:

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